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Facial Fillers

When a dermal filler is injected under the skin, it smooths out fine lines and moderate-to-severe wrinkles. Dermal fillers can also be injected under cheeks and lips to add volume and lift your features. As a result, you regain a more youthful appearance. At Skin Fabulous Centre Medical Spa, we offer a variety of products so that we can customize our treatment to meet individual’s needs.



A hyaluronic acid-based filler. It’s available in several formulas, including Juvederm® Ultra and Juvederm® Ultra Plus, which vary in strength for treating mild, moderate, or severe wrinkles. It’s often used for nasolabial folds (they run from each side of the nose to the corners of your mouth), smiles lines and vertical lip lines. Juvederm® Volbella XC adds subtle volume to lips and softens the appearance of vertical lip lines and Juvederm® Ultra XC add fullness to lips.


Contains calcium-based microspheres suspended in a gel. The calcium spheres immediately add volume, then as they’re gradually absorbed, they stimulate the production of collagen, which replaces old skin with fresh, new skin. Radiesse is often used to restore volume to the cheeks and face, and to treat smile lines and marionette lines (they extend from the corner of the mouth down to the chin).

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